New Book! Finding the Right Job; A Step By Step Approach

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Finding The Right Job; A Step By Step Approach provides readers the opportunity to discover their passion and seek out the job that they were meant to do vs. simply getting a job that will only last to the next layoff.

As a Director of Strategic Staffing for Fortune 100 and 500 organizations and small for profit and non-profit, Mary Anne Kennedy, principal at MAKHR Consulting,  shares her first hand experience working with the hiring managers and candidates.  She also provides case studies that demonstrates what works and what doesn’t from a corporate perspective.

A successful job search is a full time job for those in transition.  It takes a strategic and logical approach.  In Finding The Right Job; A Step By Step Approach each step along the process is outlined and explored with demonstrated success stories that showcase how differentiating oneself can be the lever that lands that person the dream job.

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